The Oldest Known Qigong Form

Created by Chinese medical doctor Hua To around 150 AD, this form is meant to exercise the body, remove stagnant Qi, strengthen the legs, open the joints, improve balance and coordination, build the kidney Qi, calm the heart Qi, smooth the liver Qi, invigorate the lung/immune Qi, and nourish the stomach Qi. It can be used as a form of 5 Element Qigong, or as a seasonal practice to harmonize with the environment. You will also learn some 5 Element Standing and Moving meditations to accompany these 5 animal forms.

  • 6 Live classes on Zoom, held on the first Sunday of each month

  • A library of detailed Form-Instruction videos, breaking down each of the 50+ exercises taught in the course

  • A high quality follow along Practice Video for each of the animal sets, filmed in various beautiful locations including a Shinto Temple, a Samurai Castle, and a Hawaiian Rainforest.

  • Opportunities to ask questions at the live classes, or via email

  • Access to recordings of all the live classes

  • Lifetime access to all course materials

  • Opportunity to gain 50 hours of training to be applied towards my Level 2 Instructor certification (2 private sessions required at 50% discounted rate)

Pricing options

Pay in full now or spread over the length of the course.


  • When are the Live classes?

    Classes are on the first Sunday of every month for 6 months, starting April 2, 2023. They are held at Noon LA, 3pm NY, 8pm UK, and will last 2 - 3 hours.

  • What if can't make the Live classes?

    We will post recordings of the classes, and you can submit Q&A questions ahead of time via email.

  • How challenging is this form?

    This form is a bit more challenging than most Qigong you may have tried. It takes a little longer to learn, because there is footwork involved in many of the exercises, similar to Tai Chi. Nick provides variations to make many of the movements more accessible for people with mobility issues.

  • What is your refund policy?

    If you send us a request before the course starts, you can get a 50% refund, or a full credit towards a future course.

Monkey Around with Me

I can't bear the thought of my deer friends missing out on this training. Join me in Japan, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest to learn the Bear, Deer, Monkey, Tiger, and Crane.

Get Level 2 Teacher Certified

Apply 50 hours from this course towards your Level 2 certification

If you have completed or are enrolled in our Level 1 Qigong Teacher Training, you can use 50 hours from this course towards Level 2 certification. The level 1 is a 100 hour course. Level 2 requires an additional 100 hours of training, making it a 200 hour certification in total. This course counts towards 50 of those 100 hours. Upon completion of the course you can sign up for 2 private sessions with Nick, at a 50% discount, to get your forms checked and receive your certificate of completion. In the near future we will be adding more 50 hours courses to take you to the full 200 hours. Additional information is provided in the course, but you can email us questions at [email protected]