Become a Qigong Teacher in 14 Weeks

Join me on an in-depth learning adventure to deepen you practice and understanding of Qigong, and learn to share this much needed art with the world.

  • 3 hour live Zoom class every Saturday for 14 Weeks

  • 1 year access to all class recordings

  • 2 private coaching sessions with me to hone your skills

  • Lifetime access to dozens of beautifully filmed videos demonstrating all exercises taught in this course

  • Guidance through 14 weeks of continual home practice for healing, spiritual transformation.

  • A recommended reading list to deepen your knowledge between classes.

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You Will Learn:

  • Qigong & Tao Yin Forms

    In this program you will learn 11 "sets" of Qigong and Tao Yin exercises, including: 5 Element Qigong, 5 Animal Tao Yin, Silk Reeling, 5 Element Zhan Zhuang (Standing Meditations), 6 Healing Sounds Practice, 6 Point Hip Opening Tao Yin, 3 Point Neck & Shoulder Opening Tao Yin, 3 Point Spinal Opening, and Purging Exercises.

  • Alignment Principles

    Learn how to move, hold, strengthen, and open the body safely and effectively. Learn how to sequence a class for yourself or others that has a positive holistic impact on the body.

  • Taoist Philosophy & Medicine

    Learn the foundational principles of Taoism and Traditional Chinese Medicine that underly the practice of Qigong. Become familiar with the 5 elements, yin and yang, the 3 forces, the meridians and acupoints, the Tan Tiens (or energy centers of the body), Taoist nutrition and psychology, and how they all fit together to inform our practice.

  • Meditation Practices

    Learn meditation techniques for you own practice or to teach. We will cover a wide variety of techniques from simple relaxation exercises to healing imagery and Nei Gong (Internal Cultivation), with a specific focus on the Five Elements.

  • Teaching & Business Tools

    Get started in your Qigong business on the right foot with help from someone who has done it all from scratch! I went from teaching once a week to a full time business in just a couple months, despite the fact nobody had even heard of Qigong at the time. There is a need for Qigong out there in this crazy world, but in order to get people in the door you have to teach a really good class, and be able to market yourself. In this program we will cover both extensively.

Start Your New Career Now

Whether you want to teach others, start a new business, or simply deepen your own practice, this course will give you a solid foundation to move ahead.


  • What time are the classes?

    Class is every Saturday from Noon to 3pm.

  • What if I miss a class?

    No problem! All classes will be recorded and available to watch repeatedly online for 1 year.

  • What if I don't want to teach?

    No worries! I made this course so that all the teaching and certification components are in the last four weeks. You are encouraged to come for the first ten weeks where you will find the information is all relevant to your personal practice.

  • Will there be a test and certificates?

    Yes there will be a practical and written exam for everyone wishing to be certified. All tests will have options for redo if you fail the first time. Once you pass you will get your certificate sent in the mail (or just emailed if you prefer).

  • Do I get a cool title once I graduate?

    Yes! You get to use the esteemed title of "Level 1 Loffree Qigong Instructor" and can even call your classes and workshops "Loffree Qigong". I'll also provide you with a logo you can use in your advertising. This could help your marketing due to my growing online presence helping you get some name recognition.

A Flexible Career

Teaching Qigong can be a whole career of it's own, or synergize with other skills. Massage therapists, acupuncturists, nutritionists, trainers, coaches, etc find teaching Qigong helps them attract more clients to their private practice.


Nick Loffree

Nick has been interested in fitness since he was 12 when he began to explore strength training and sports conditioning. At 17, after a few years of heavy drug use and head traumas, Nick wound up hospitalized and medicated for paranoid psychosis. Two years of medication left him with cystic acne, eczema, depression, compromised digestion, and chronic brain fog. Not being one to take "impossible" for an answer, Nick ignored the cynicism of doctors and psychiatrists and forged a path back to health for himself. He explored many different paths of yogic, buddhist, and taoist practices, as well as just about every specialized dietary philosophy available, and slowly uncovered the principles that helped him to heal. For his formal Qigong training, Nick spent 3 years apprenticing with world famous Taoist Arts master Lee Holden, and has since made a name for himself as a Qigong and Taoist Yoga teacher across silicon valley. Nick is an on-site movement teacher at 1440 Multiversity, the mindfulness retreat center of companies like Google and Apple. He also teaches Qigong as PTSD therapy to police, firefighters, and military through the non-profit Resiliency First, and shares Qigong with youth drug offenders and mental health patients at Evolve Treatment Centers.