Qigong Tools for Mental Health

In this program, you will learn to:

  • Heal Emotional Imbalances

    With customizable Qigong routines, filmed beautifully in nature. Created for 5 specific mental/emotional issues (Anger, Fear, Anxiety, Worry, Depression) plus one general mental wellness routine.

  • Understand Yourself & Others

    With in-depth lectures on Qigong theories of emotion, mind, personality, and physiology. Plus a Qi-Personality test using Traditional Eastern Medicine principles to discover your unique balance of traits and how to find wholeness.

  • Master the Techniques

    Use the detailed Form Mastery videos to learn each exercise with precise step-by-step breakdowns of the how's and whys. Access downloadable/printable cheat sheets to remember exercises on the go with visual reminders.

Optional Practitioner Certification

Empower clients with these simple Medical Qigong tools for Mental Health. Perfect for psychotherapists, acupuncturists, massage therapists, naturopaths, life coaches, or anyone else seeing clients for mental wellbeing. To get certified as a Qigong Mental Well-Being Coach, select the Certification pricing option below. Comes with a private Zoom session with Nick as well as access to a written exam and certification process. Hours from this course also count towards our 200 hour Level 2 Teacher Training.

Pricing options

Select "Regular price" to use the course for personal well being. Select "Practitioner Certification" to access the certification path.


Head Instructor

Nick Loffree

Nick grew up near Toronto, Canada. As a teenager, he had several healing and mystifying experiences with psychedelic drugs that peaked his interest in eastern philosophy and Shamanism. Unfortunately, like many adolescent "psychonauts", he was too emotionally unstable for the range of physical, social, chemical, and spiritual stressors he put himself through. At 17 he was checked into a mental hospital for psychosis, and spent 2 years on anti-psychotic medications. During that time he began to intensely explore the healing potential of Meditation, Yoga, Prayer, and (non-pharmacological) Shamanic practices. These explorations gradually gave him the ability to wean off psych meds, though the long list of mental and physical side effects by then had already become chronic illnesses. From there his explorations took him into nutrition, Chinese medicine, and Qigong. He became a certified Yoga teacher through Eoin Finn's "Blissology Yoga" school. In 2014 he moved to Santa Cruz, California to study with Qigong Master and Chinese Medicine Practitioner Lee Holden. This study turned into a 3.5 year internship, where Nick was able to shadow Lee both in the classroom and the clinic, as well as studying under visiting masters from around the world. It was in Santa Cruz that Nick was truly able to rediscover his health and vitality. Nick has since been a Senior Instructor with Holden QiGong, an on-site movement instructor at 1440 Multiversity for Silicon Valley company retreats (including Google, Twitter, Apple, and many more), a Qigong teacher at Evolve Outpatient Youth Mental Hospitals, a PTSD Movement Therapy Instructor for Firefighters, Police, and Military with Resiliency First Inc, and a Qigong and Taoist Yoga teacher with many of the top Yoga Studios and Fitness centers across Silicon Valley. In 2020, Nick began using his experience with this wide variety of students to create his online programs. He has been running Qigong Teacher Trainings since 2021, certifying hundreds of people in his style of Qigong. He runs retreats and lives/learns/films around the world, always seeking to better his knowledge, practice, and ability to help others discover their healing potential. He currently lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife Charity and their daughter Meadow, where they love to explore the mountains, rivers, snow, and hot springs.


  • Can I teach Qigong classes with this certification?

    Yes and No. If you do the certification version of the Mental Health Toolkit, you will be trained and tested in the handful of specific forms taught in this program. You can teach these specific sets to your clients and students as you see fit. If you want to create custom classes, and teach from a wider knowledge base, you would want to take my Level 1 Qigong Teacher Training Program, which goes much more in depth into the underlying theories and practices of Qigong, as well as teaching principles.

  • Is there a Live component to the course?

    No, the whole course is self paced. You will however book a 1-1 session with Nick when you are done, to ask questions and have your exercises checked (if you sign up for the certification version).

  • How long do I have to get certified?

    You have one year from the time of purchase to complete certification, but lifetime access to the content.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We won't be offering refunds on this course, but you are welcome to a credit to a future online program if you ask within 72 hours of purchase.

Save 10% By Bundling

Set the Foundations with Level 1. Add your specialization with Mental Wellness.

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