12 Week Program Includes:

  • Weekly Live group practice and Q & A's

  • 2 Private 1-1s with Nick

  • Weekly pre-recorded lectures

  • A Teacher's Manual detailing everything taught in the lectures

  • Access to a private Facebook group to connect with other participants

  • Detailed instruction in dozens of Qigong forms

  • A beautifully filmed follow-along video library demonstrating all exercises taught in the course

  • Have your profile appear on the Teacher Directory Page of Nickloffree.com so that people around the world can find you


What previous graduates have to say...

"You have taught me things that I never learned from any other teacher"

Maria P

I participated in Lee's Teacher Training program not only once but TWICE. I regularly attend his live subscription classes, I never miss a Master Class and I have trained with Daisy Lee, Roger Jahnke, Nan Lu, Master Ming Tong, Kathy Yang and Ken Cohen. While each one of those teachers is incredible in his/her own right and I have learned so much from them, you have taught me things that I never learned from any other teacher. You are extremely humble about how much you know and I appreciate the wonderful way you have woven so much detailed information into each and every lesson.

"I can't wait for Level 2!"

Devi (Deborah)

I discovered Qigong around March 2020 and fell in love with it. I have been practicing and teaching yoga for 20 years and found Qigong to be similar to yoga but deeper, more fulfilling, complete and full of “super-sized” goodness (if you will). I started taking various online Qigong classes until I found Nick’s classes. I stuck with Nick because he has such a fantastic way of teaching that helps you understand how you’re supposed to move your body and breathe and helping you to feel the energy within. His visualizations help you get lost in the flow and let go of your stress and worries. His teacher training was also filled with this amazing process which made it easy to remember how to move and lead students to find their inner balance. I can’t wait for level 2!!

Extremely worthwhile, even for a non-teacher...

Joel P

Even though I’m unlikely to do any formal teaching, I found this course to be extremely worthwhile. I had been learning qigong by following YouTube videos, including Nick’s, since just before the pandemic started shutting things down. This training has provided me with a fundamental understanding of qigong and a solid framework for developing my daily practice. I go back to the videos I had been following and now understand why this form or why that routine. Nick is a wonderful teacher. The three hour classes are well balanced between lectures and practice. He brings esoteric Chinese spirituality and medical theory into terms and concepts that we Westerners can relate to. I highly recommend this training for anyone who wants to deepen their qigong practice, whether or not they intend to teach.

Nick gives you the tools for starting your own business

Linda Diaz

I was in Nick's first group of students in the "Teacher Training" program and loved it! You will learn so much about the history of Qigong. Nick gives you the tools for starting your own business. You will learn about anatomy and safety (yes, it is an exercise program and you can become injured). Nick is a great illustrator and communicator of all the moves, whether it is standing postures, stretches, purges, or flows. You will learn how to structure your practice, and how to modify a position based upon your students abilities. You will learn many practices (my favorite practice is the "Secret Sounds") plus some calming and soothing meditations. Nick is exceptional at answering questions and following his FB group. I could go on and on how much I appreciate his expertise and knowledge. An amazing benefit of joining, you will have access to a library of the movements and have access to recorded course lessons. If you are looking to delve deeper into Qigong, or to become a certified teacher, think about signing up for his course. Not only will you feel better, you can share this gift with your friends and family.


Gry Slinning Haavardsholm

I highly recommend Nick Loffree Teacher Training. As a teacher I find him highly knowledgeable, modest and respectful for everyone and everything. His word “Do no harm” reflects his teaching. He patiently goes through every movement and teaches us how to do them correctly. It has taken me some time to do some of the movements correctly. Worthwhile!! Suddenly something wonderful his happening as my body and breath moves more fluently - and as correctly as my body is capable to do. His Teacher Training course has made me more aware of how wonderful Qi Gong is. As a result of his teaching and the content in this course, Qi Gong has started to integrate more and more into my daily life. I live in Norway. Though the time differences made it hard to attend the live sessions, he followed up by posting the sessions as a part of the program. Therefore, I had no problems with following the program and taking the exam. Anyone could mail him questions and they were answered on the next live session. The one to one sessions were so valuable. It felt as he was in my living room. I realized that he had not problem seeing what needed corrections. He was spot on! Likewise, I could easily follow his teaching. I am truly grateful that I decided to sign up for his Teacher Training. I honestly believe that it has had an impact on my health, wellbeing and daily life.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Pre-Course Materials

    • Silk Reeling for Supple Joints

    • Spinal Re-Alignment Practice

    • Six Healing Sounds | Seated Practice

    • Samurai Breathing Exercise

  • 2


    • Zoom Link

    • Teacher Training Practice Log

  • 3

    Week 1: Practice

    • Live Class Replay

    • Practice | Silk Reeling

    • Practice | Owl Turns Its Head

    • Practice | Shaking & Wuji

    • Practice | Ji Ben Qigong 1 - 4

    • Meditation | Deep Relaxation

  • 4

    Week 1: Learning Materials

    • Form Details | Wuji - Part 1

    • Form Details | Wuji - Part 2

    • Form Details | Ji Ben Qigong #1 - Compressing the Pearl

    • Form Details | Ji Ben Qigong #2 - Flying Hands

    • Form Details | Ji Ben Qigong #3 - Opening The Chest

    • Form Details | Ji Ben Qigong #4 - Upholding the Moon

    • PDF for Week 1

  • 5

    Week 2 : Livestream & Practice

    • Week 2 Livestream Replay

    • Silk Reeling | Basics

    • Silk Reeling | Tray of Teacups

    • Owl Turns Its Head

    • Qi Scattering Set

    • Shaking & Wuji

    • Ji Ben Qigong | Forms 1 - 8

    • Meditation | Softening the Breath

  • 6

    Week 2: Learning Materials

    • Form Details | Qi Scattering Set

    • Form Details | Ji Ben Qigong #5 - Swimming Dragon

    • Form Details | Ji Ben Qigong #6 - Diagonal Flying

    • Form Details | Ji Ben Qigong #7 - Cow Gazes at the Moon

    • Form Details | Ji Ben Qigong #8 - Heavenly Bow

    • Lecture | Qi, Gong, & Huang

    • Lecture | Historical Overview

    • PDF for Week 2

  • 7

    Week 3: Livestream & Practice

    • Week 3 Livestream Replay

    • Silk Reeling

    • 3 Part Deep Abdominal Breathing

    • Tray of Teacups

    • Owl Turns Its Head

    • Spinal Enlivening | Wide Stance

    • Stork Spreads Its Feathers

    • Qi Scattering

    • Shaking & Wuji

    • Ji Ben Qigong

    • Meditation | Soaking the Mind Into the Body

  • 8

    Week 3: Learning Materials

    • The Four Stances of Qigong

    • The Three Treasures

    • The Three Dan Tians

    • PDF for Week 3

  • 9

    Week 4: Practice & Livestream

    • Week 4 Livestream Replay

    • Silk Reeling | Tray of Teacups

    • Spinal Enlivening | Wide Stance

    • Silk Reeling | Single Arm Teacups

    • Purging | Qi Scattering

    • Upper Body Daoyin | Stork Spreads Feathers

    • Upper Body Daoyin | Owl Turns Head

    • Purging | Dredging the Channels

    • Shaking & Standing Meditation

    • Circulate | Three Treasures Flow

    • Meditation | Fine Stream to the Dan Tian

  • 10

    Week 4: Learning Materials

    • Form Details | Three Treasures Flow

    • Lecture | Extraordinary Channels

    • PDF for Week 4

  • 11

    Week 5: Practice & Livestream

    • Livestream Replay - Practice

    • Silk Reeling | Teacups

    • Lower Body Daoyin | 5 Exercises to Stretch 7 Directions

    • Spinal Enlivening | Wide Stance

    • Upper Body Daoyin | Stork Spreads Feathers

    • Purge | Dredging the Channels

    • Shaking & Wuji

    • Circulate | Three Treasures Flow

    • Meditation | Harmonizing the Three Dan Tians

  • 12

    Week 5: Learning Materials

    • Lecture | Dynamic Unifying Opposition - DUO

    • Lecture | Tension vs Compression

    • Form Instruction | Lower Body Daoyin - Tiger Crouches in the Grass

    • Form Instruction | Lower Body Daoyin - 3 Part Triangle Flow

    • Form Instruction | Lower Body Daoyin - Phoenix Lunge

    • Form Instruction | Lower Body Daoyin - Quad Stretch

    • Form Instruction | Lower Body Daoyin - Peacock Stands on One Leg

    • Q & A

    • PDF for Week 5

  • 13

    Week 6: Livestream & Practice

    • Livestream Replay

    • Spinal Enlivening - Neutral Stance

    • Daoyin | 5 Part Hip Opener

    • Shaking & Wuji

    • Circulate | 3 Treasures Flow

    • Meditation | Settling at the Dan Tian

  • 14

    Week 7: Livestream & Practice

    • Livestream Replay

    • Spinal Enlivening | Neutral Stance

    • 5 Part Lower Body Daoyin

    • Healing Sounds | Immortal Pushes the Stone

    • Shaking + Wuji

    • Circulation | 5 Element Flow

    • Meditation | Listening to the Organs' Chi

  • 15

    Week 7: Learning Materials

    • Form Details | Buddha Holds Up Earth (Metal)

    • Form Details | The Fountain (Water)

    • Form Details | Tree Sways in the Wind (Wood)

    • Form Details | Cloudy Hands (Fire)

    • Form Details | Pebble in the Pond (Earth)

    • Form Details | Immortal Pushes Stone

    • Lecture | 5 Elements - Overview

    • Lecture | Six Healing Sounds

    • Q & A

    • PDF for Week 7

  • 16

    Week 8: Practice & Livestream

    • Livestream Replay

    • Invigorate/Purge | Qi Scattering

    • Invigorate/Purge | Dredging the Channels

    • 5 Animal Daoyin | Dragon

    • 5 Animal Daoyin | Leopard

    • 6 Healing Sounds | Immortal Pushes Stone (Vocalized)

    • Shaking & Wuji

    • 5 Element Flow + 5 Zhan Zhuang Stances

    • Meditation | Cleansing the Organs with Light

  • 17

    Week 8: Learning Materials

    • Form Details | 5 Element Zhan Zhuang Postures

    • Form Details | 5 Animal Daoyin - Dragon

    • Form Details | 5 Animal Daoyin - Leopard

    • Lecture | Physical Attributes of the 5 Elements

  • 18

    Week 9: Class

    • Class Recording

    • Meditation | Six Healing Sounds - Seated

    • Teaching Experiment | Mirroring

  • 19

    Week 9: Practice

    • Invigorate | Qi Scattering

    • Invigorate | Dredging the Channels

    • Silk Reeling | Basic joint Opening

    • 5 Animal Daoyin | Snake

    • 6 Healing Sounds | Immortal Pushes the Stone

    • Shaking & Wuji

    • Build & Circulate | 5 Element Flow + 5 Postures

    • Meditation | 6 Healing Sounds - Seated

  • 20

    Week 9: Learning Materials

    • Form Details | 5 Animal Daoyin - Snake

    • Lecture | Personality Attributes of the 5 Elements

    • Learning Activity | Tracing the Primary Meridians

  • 21

    Week 10: Livestream

    • Livestream Replay

  • 22

    Week 10: Practice

    • Spinal Enlivening | Neutral Stance

    • Stretch | Spread the Feathers

    • Silk Reeling | Tray of Teacups

    • Stretch | Crane's Beak

    • Spinal Enlivening | Wide Stance

    • 5 Animal Daoyin | Tiger

    • 5 Animal Daoyin | Crane

    • 6 Healing Sounds | Phoenix Washes Its Feathers

    • Shaking

    • Daoist Five | Flow + Postures

    • Meditation | Ice, Water, Steam

  • 23

    Week 10: Learning Materials

    • Spirits of the 5 Organs/Elements

    • Form Details | Daoist Five

    • Form Details | 5 Animal Daoyin - Tiger

    • Form Details | 5 Animal Daoyin - Crane


Head Instructor

Nick Loffree

Nick grew up near Toronto, Canada. As a teenager, he had several healing and mystifying experiences with psychedelic drugs that peaked his interest in eastern philosophy and Shamanism. Like many adolescent "psychonauts", he was too emotionally unstable for the range of social, chemical, and spiritual stressors he put himself through. At 17 he was checked into a mental hospital for psychosis, and spent 2 years on anti-psychotic medications. During that time he began to intensely explore the healing potential of meditation, buddhism, yoga, and (non-pharmacological) shamanic practices. These explorations gradually gave him the ability to wean off psych meds, though the long list of mental and physical side effects by then had already become chronic illnesses. From there his explorations took him into nutrition, Chinese medicine, and Qigong. He became a certified Yoga teacher through Eoin Finn's "Blissology", and in 2014 moved to Santa Cruz, California to study with Qigong Master and Chinese Medicine Practitioner Lee Holden. This study turned into a 3.5 year internship, where Nick was able to shadow Lee both in the classroom and the clinic, as well as studying under visiting masters from around the world. It was in Santa Cruz that Nick was truly able to rediscover his health and vitality, and so began the next phase of his mission: Helping others access their own healing powers through Qigong and related practices. Nick has since been a Senior Instructor with Holden QiGong, an on-site movement instructor at 1440 Multiversity for Silicon Valley company retreats (including Google, Twitter, Apple, and many more), a Qigong teacher at Evolve Outpatient Youth Mental Hospitals, a PTSD Movement Therapy Instructor for Firefighters, Police, and Military with Resiliency First Inc, and a Qigong and Daoist Yoga teacher with many of the top Yoga Studios and Fitness centers across Silicon Valley. Nick now uses his experience with this wide variety of students to create online programs, to take his mission worldwide. Due to high demand, he has been running Qigong Teacher Trainings since 2021, certifying hundreds of people in his style of Qigong. He runs retreats and lives/learns/films around the world, always seeking to better his knowledge, practice, and ability to help others discover their healing potential. Looking back where this journey started, it's hard for him to believe the way things turned out are real! He currently lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife Charity and their soon-to-be-born daughter, where they love to snowboard, ski, do MMA, chill in hot springs, and explore the mountains around them.

Pricing options

Choose the payment plan that works best for you. The quicker you pay, the less the total cost.


  • Can I do this if I don't want to teach?

    Yes! The course is set up so that you can simply skip the lessons that are about teaching and business skills. About 80% of the course is just about learning Qigong, so you will get a lot out of it still.

  • What if I can't make the Live calls?

    No problem! You can submit your questions by email and I will answer them on the group call, which you can watch as a replay. We can learn a lot from each other's questions!

  • Is there a payment plan option?

    Yes! At the top of this page you will see a price with a little arrow. Click that to see a drop down menu with payment options.

  • Will I be certified from this? Can I get insurance?

    Those who wish to be certified will, after completing all the materials, write an exam, and do two private Zoom calls with me so I can check your forms and teaching skills. The certification is not through any official body other than my personal seal of approval, but you will be able to get liability insurance through websites like Namasta.com

  • What lineage is this school a part of? Where did you learn?

    I interned with Lee Holden for 3.5 years. He did a similar arrangement under Mantak Chia, who's school/lineage is called the "Universal Healing Tao". While Chia was Lee's first and closest teacher, he also studied under many masters across Asia and in the USA. Lee also became a Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner at Five Branches University in California. Suffice to say I had an amazing teacher, who taught me a lot from his knowledge and experience as a student, teacher, and healer. You might say Lee is passing on Mantak Chia's torch, but I think Lee really created his own style of Qigong that drew from his multitude of influences. Likewise, while much of what I teach comes from my time with Lee, I also draw from my training as a Yoga teacher, and my studies with other Qigong systems, such as those shared by Jerry Alan Johnson, Damo Mitchell, Ken Cohen, David Verdesi, and others.

  • When are the Live Q and A's?

    The live classes will be Saturdays at 7AM Pacific Time (USA). These will typically be two or three hours in length.

  • Can I do this self-paced?

    Yes! You have up to one year to complete this course and you can watch all the live streams as replays in your own time.

  • What is your refund policy?

    Everyone can get a 80% refund up until the first live class, or a 60% refund up until the second Live class.

  • What is the time commitment per week for this course?

    To get through the course in 12 weeks, you would invest about 7-8 hours per week; 2-3 hours for the live class or replay, 1 hour to watch the weekly lecture and form instruction videos, and 4 hours of personal practice. HOWEVER, no one is required to complete all this in 12 weeks. You have up to one year to complete the course if you are seeking certification, and lifetime access to the content for personal use.

Ready to Upgrade Your Chi & Career?

Teach full time, or make it a side-hustle to support another business like acupuncture, massage, or coaching. Qigong makes a versatile career addition. This course will prepare you not just to teach Qigong well, but to make a solid business out of it.

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